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Attendance instructions

logo KRL mask

Microbial disinfection with PETROIL GROUP certified company.

Molecular testing with the IATRICA group.

Frequent check with rapid test on our staff and partners from ppiatrika.


protection measures


Now we only accept you by appointment! You call us on the KRL phones for their planned programming!

We will wait for you alone without an escort.


In the event that your treatment requires the removal of a mask, you should also not be sick / feel unwell. 

It is good to measure your temperature before coming to the place so that you know your temperature and let us know if it is higher than normal so that we can cancel your appointment and reschedule it.

Appointments should end at 1 hour and 5 minutes so that the space can be ventilated and disinfected (we will make another appointment if more is needed)

Come to your treatment with your hair clipped to TRIM or Shave three days before and NOT against the direction of the hair only.

If you are late for the appointment we will not be able to complete it and may do smaller areas.

For your main session you will receive a message on your mobile one day before to remind you of the time. The same is not true for the repeat session as it is not mandatory.

Please let us know if you have traveled recently and if you have come into contact with a confirmed case.

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