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Youth card- discounts

καρτα νεων

The European Youth Card can be obtained by all young people, aged 13-30. It is valid for one year at a cost of 10 euros and you can renew it until you turn 30.

There is also the possibility of a subscription for two years at 17 euros and for three years at 24 euros!

This is a discount and not a credit or debit card.

We have entered into a contract with the Directorate of Youth Programs and Special Actions Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning (I.N.E.D.I.V.I.M.) to provide a discount to those who show their youth card and ID.

what we offer


20% discount on laser hair removal packages with our state-of-the-art machines


10 % discount on facial cleaning services

Facial cleansing costs around 65 euros.


10% discount on products

The products include cosmetics for general use and daily needs.


10% discount on appointments with our dermatologist

It includes an appointment with a dermatologist- venereologist. The initial price depends on the appointment please call the nearest KRL.


10% face refresh

It includes the treatments available in every KRL to improve skin appearance and rejuvenation.

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