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Alexandrite Laser Services

What is the best hair removal method and cwhy?

  • Of the existing methods, laser hair removal is the best, because it is safe, effective and well accepted by the patient. But we should not forget that modern lasers are approved by the FDA for long-term epilation and not for permanent results.

  • Is laser hair removal painful?

  • the sophisticated laser systems of the third generation are equipped with cooling systems, cold air, cryogen,cryogel, which make the treatment extremely acceptable.

  • Is laser hair removal painful?

  • the advanced third generation laser systems are equipped with systems cooling, cold air, cryogen, cryogel, which make the treatment extremely acceptable.

ΚΑΛΕΣΤΕ ΣΤΑ ΤΗΛΕΦΩΝΑ KRL και κλείστε το ραντεβού σας!!

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Can I do laser all the months of the year?

In the summer season and the first autumn months, we should be extremely careful on tanned skins and particularly photo-exposed areas.

When can I start lasering?

It is applied in adolescence, in cases of hirsutism (intense hyperhair in visible places) to avoid social or psychological problems in people who do intense sports activity (swimming, football). In these cases the treatment can be extended to covered areas. Care is always required in its application and proper information and consent of the guardian is required.

Excellent result in women with hormone-dependent areas such as:face, neck, sternum, abdomen. Intense hair growth in these areas is observed in women with hormonal problems (polycystic ovaries, thyroid diseases, etc.).

At KRL you are provided with a complete and effective hair growth solution with full support.

In dermatology, our priority isyour safety and efficiency of your hair removal.

The centers experienceKRL ensures fast and natural results in male hair growth as well.

Sessions can be held even in the summer!

The process of getting rid of unwanted hair involves regular repeat sessions, the number of which cannot be predetermined from the beginning. The data, from our experience and the international literature, show that after 6 sessions a significant improvement has been achieved, of the order of 80% - 85%, reduction of terminal hairs. From there, you will determine the aesthetic result that satisfies you and the repeat sessions that will be needed.

Depilation of areas such as the face and neck in women, the back in men as well as areas with stronger hormone-dependent hair growth require a greater number of sessions.

What should I do before and after each session?

BEFORE: You are given a detailed and realistic briefing about the application by our specialist consultants. We get history. We pay attention to people taking photosensitizing drugs or a history of vitiligo, psoriasis, atopic eczema, herpes and keloids and clearly in the first 4 months of pregnancy and in childbirth. Hormonal control is performed in women to exclude a hormonal substrate. Clinical examination of the area to rule out the presence of active dermatological disease or dysplastic nevi.

AFTER: We apply topical cortisol cream and instructions are given to avoid hot baths, sun exposure for two days and use sunscreen during periods of intense sunshine.

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